Lighting 101

Here we will explain some basic terms and effective strategies to give you not only the functional light you need, but ways you can use light to really bring your event to life.


Uplighting is an excellent, cost efficient lighting technique for both indoor and outdoor events. Choose either conventional uplights with a single color or use LED uplights for more saturated colors and the ability to change the color scheme throughout the event, creating multiple “looks.”  LED units also use significantly less electricity for those venues where power is limited and a generator is out of your budget.


String Lights

Sometimes called bistro or market lights, string lights are a simple yet elegant way to provide warm, even lighting for your entire reception area. Try adding paper lanterns to add more depth and color to your space.  String lights are also a great addition to indoor spaces like ballrooms, barns and tents.


Pattern Projection

Pattern projections are one of the best ways to add depth and texture to a space.  Projections can be used over tables, walkways, dancefloors or even to “wallpaper” a room.



Pinspots are the best way to highlight your favorite details of your event.  Make sure your beautiful flower arrangements, art or center pieces don’t get lost in the excitement by putting them center stage with pinspotting.  LBPS carries both conventional pinspots for warm white light and LED pinspots for cool white light.


wash Lighting

Wash lighting is a way to provide vital illumination while incorporating the colors of your event.


Chandeliers and Candle Lanterns

Chandeliers and candle Lanterns can add a special touch to an event’s décor.  LBPS stocks many different styles and sizes of both.


Station Lighting

Station lighting is an essential element for nearly every event.  Broader than pinspotting, station lighting illuminates your buffet, bar or dessert stations so your guests can fully appreciate the stunning display.  Imagine how much better your bar will look with the glassware glowing in your event colors.


A Note about Power

The amount of power available at your event site is a detail that is often overlooked.  It is good to be aware that many outdoor spaces and older buildings have limited power available for your catering, music, lighting and restrooms.  If required for your event, LBPS can provide a generator or other power solutions.

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